South Texas CLI & Limb Salvage Club

South Texas CLI & Limb Salvage Club

South Texas has some of the highest per capita amputation rates in the United States. Sadly, amputations are disproportionately higher among Hispanic and other minority populations, as well as and low-socioeconomic populations.  The CLI Club of South Texas is committed to reducing the amputation rate in South Texas.  We do this through awareness, education and collaboration with other stakeholders who want to see amputations reduced in their communities. Oftentimes “at risk” patients and local community leaders are not aware of peripheral artery disease (“PAD”), Critical Limb Ischemia (“CLI”), and how to prevent unnecessary amputations within their community.  We want to educate on why it’s important to diagnose early.  We want to prevent as many amputations as we can. We are grateful to all of the organizations who have provided educational grants, donations and other support to the South Texas Chapter.

For information regarding donations, support or educational grants, please contact us at or by phone at 337-703-0646

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